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Why go it alone when you can have a Geek on the Side™

We live in a technological age, or rather: The Age of Magic. But, all our tech advances bring new knowledge requirements.

Not everyone has time to learn the ins and outs of every technology that stands between them and checking a task off as DONE.

A Geek on the Side™ can help you, one-on-one, as you navigate unfamiliar technical landscapes. Perhaps you’ve got a personal or business website that confounds you, your new job requires you deal a third party software platform or you’d like to leverage the time saving qualities of AI.

A Geek on the Side is eager to guide you as you learn to think like a true techie.

Ai Prompts

Are you curious about Artificial Intelligence? Would you like to leverage it for your business or personal life? Effective AI results boil down to the well crafted prompts. A Geek on the Side™ can guide your prompts.


Are you intimidated by your WordPress website or a site you’ve inherited? If you’ve been assigned the task to edit or make changes to a WordPress site a Geek Brain at your side can help navigate your admin with ease.

Software Platforms

Have you been assigned a task using unfamiliar software and don’t know where to begin? You don’t have time to learn how to do it, you just want to get the job done. With a Geek on the side, you can get tasks done while you learn.

How it works

It’s easy to get started with a Geek on the Side. Once we’ve had a quick introduction you purchase Geek credits. Each credit is good for 15 minutes. Schedule as many increments as you need up to 90 minutes. The more credits you purchase in advance, the less you pay per 15 minute session.

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Purchase Geek credits.

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Schedule your session.

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Meet with a Geek on the Side via Zoom.

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Geek Out

Get guided through your technical maze. Gain new skills.

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A Geek on the Side is your guide.

Thinking like a Geek isn’t something that comes naturally. It’s established from years of working with different software programs, bloodhound level Googling and experience working in the tech world. It can be tough when you don’t even know where to begin. With Geek on the Side you get decades of techie know-how to help you efficiently navigate new software platforms and programs required for work or personal life. A Geek on the Side can point you in the direction to debug, can provide resources you didn’t know existed.

And you get a dose of techie skill thrown in because the “Why” is explained as we work together.

Geek on the Side is NOT your IT person.

I’m not the person that solves your tech issues, I’m the geek who guides you to the answer so you can feel empowered and have the know-how to solve them if they arise again.

Geek on the Side™ Credits

Each credit buys 15 minutes of time.
The more you buy the better the deal.

4 Credits


per credit

5 – 14 Credits


per credit

Best Value

15+ Credits


per credit

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